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From the first sketches to the final design – every design is permanent. Designed to create inspiring and beautiful spaces – for decades to come. We produce furniture from solid beech wood in a place where I have been using the technology continuously since 1992.

Since then, we have fulfilled an ocean of dreams. We have equipped hundreds of individual and public facilities. Effectively implemented designs create the knowledge and confidence that many customers put in us.

We make every effort to ensure that the trust you have placed in us is conducive to the development of the company and satisfaction from future implementations. We are responsible for the place where the products are made. All this makes our furniture work for generations.

Meet all our collections.

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We love to share our passion for wooden furniture. Wooden furniture has its charm, soul and, above all, great potential in creating original forms or combinations with other materials. Appreciating this property, we make tables and chairs that you can adjust to the character of the whole room. As a recognized manufacturer on the market, we only source from reliable suppliers, so you can be sure that both the wood and upholstery materials used in our factory are the best and come from legal sources.

Our products will accompany you for many years, so it is worth getting to know their beauty and unique values.

Wood is the most timeless material with a personal history. You can easily integrate it into the arrangement of a home, hotel, training or banquet room, or even a modern office space. It is enough to choose its colour properly to combine it with other elements of equipment — tables, floor and lighting. Check out all our designs, the types of upholstery available, as well as the possibilities of colouring the wood. We are convinced that our many years of experience will translate into your satisfaction.


For over 30 years, we have continued to produce wooden furniture that goes through many processes of woodworking technology and manual work. Each of them is especially important to achieve an excellent final effect. In order for the chair and table to be of the right quality, constructive collaboration between all production departments is required. We turn thoughts and ideas into real products. Let us guide you through the beautiful moods that underlie everything we do and that were created to inspire you and your interior designs.


Our offer has been prepared in such a way that it finds its place in interiors maintained in a range of styles: traditional, modern, Scandinavian or loft. Customization of products allows us to create furniture that perfectly fits your needs.

Our chairs and tables are a combination of different shapes, a combination of high-quality upholstery fabrics and the experience gained by generations. After drying, the wood is sanded, stained, varnished, upholstered and packed… We love wooden furniture for its timelessness, durability, variety of forms and finishes. 

Attention to every detail is our priority.



We systematically introduce an appropriate production management system to reduce human work in burdensome places.

For staining and varnishing chairs and table bases, we use only ecological stains and water varnishes. They are 100% free of volatile organic compounds. This allows us to combine the reliability of production with care for the environment.

Our priorities are unchanging. We want to provide high-quality products every day, which is why investing in a machine park is an investment in people. Creation of functional, ergonomic furniture, designed according to the applicable design principles.

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