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Our range of materials, upholstery fabrics and colours are carefully selected to create beautiful spaces with timeless colours – whether you choose texture, velour or eco-leather.

Imagination is the only limit.

You can see and touch all materials at our headquarters or at our sales partners. Contact us and you will be directed to one of them.

We make furniture from entrusted fabrics, so that your home can be completely personalized.


Natural material – beech wood is not only beauty, but durability that brings us closer to nature. Each piece of wood is warm and unique. Wood is a living material that is naturally influenced by the environment over time – this is its uniqueness.


Laminate has a soft and pleasant surface that is durable and suitable for frequently used rooms. However, avoid scraping objects on the surface and placing hot dishes, as this may damage the surface.

Meet our wide offer of laminated boards.

Do you have a design that does not include our décors? Contact us, we will inform you about the possibilities of executing unusual orders.


Tables made of MDF are covered with opaque colours to obtain a uniform surface. In our offer you will find both round and rectangular tables.


Our tabletops are covered with oak veneer, which is a living, natural material. Please note that the room in which it is placed has an impact on its service life. Veneer is resistant, but it is worth taking care of veneered furniture to maintain a beautiful and durable appearance throughout their lifetime.

We love the natural look of wood, so we paint it so that you can still see the grains
and colours of wood. Below you will find our colours of oak veneers.